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About Windsor Park Equestrian Club

The Windsor Park Equestrian Club is situated among the 5,000 acres of the Windsor Great Park which in turn is part of the 14,000 acre Windsor Estate spanning two counties, Surrey and Berkshire.

Originally Windsor Great Park was part of a huge Norman hunting chase. During the 13th Century the park was enclosed for the hunting of deer and wild boar. Its links with the royal family date back to Edward the Confessor with many changes being made throughout the centuries by our different monarchs.

Driving members of the club are fortunate to see the handiwork of King Charles II who planted a long line of Elm trees connecting Windsor Castle to the Great Park known as the Long Walk. The marathon often crosses the Long Walk to continue up through the Deer Park to the Copper Horse. This is a large statue of King George III which was erected to commemorate the contributions he made to the development of the park particularly the estate farms.

The deer were removed during the latter part of World War II so the pasture land could be made into arable stock. The deer were reintroduced in 1979 by the Duke of Edinburgh, the present Ranger of the Park and our President.

Our events are now fully based in the Deer Park so both driving and ridden dressage competitors enjoy the quiet scenery of the Deer Park and get to be close to the wild deer of the park.

General Enquiries:

Mrs Carole Ruse
Windsor Park Equestrian Club
Goodings Lane
East Garston
RG17 7ES

Tel: 01488 648 397
Email: wpecsecretary@btinternet.com

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